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Jan. 26, 2017

Where does your credit score stand?

Are you considering making a major purchase, like buying a home, this year? If so, your credit score will likely come into play. An understanding of the basics can help you effectively monitor and manage it.

Credit Score 101
Your credit score will usually range from 300 to 850. It's derived from an algorithm that takes into account several factors, including payment history, the total debt owed and length of credit history.

Lenders use this three-digit number to predict risk and the likelihood that you'll repay your debt on time. The higher your credit score, the less risk you are and the lower your loan terms will be. For example, a person with a "good" credit score of 700 may have a lower interest rate and smaller required down payment than someone with a "poor" credit score of 400.

How to Improve Your Score
If you don't have much credit history or you have a few negatives on your report, consider these strategies to increase your score.

  • Pay all of your bills on time. Late payments can negatively impact your score.
  • Pay off debt where you can. The less debt you have, the lower your debt-to-income ratio.
  • Keep your credit card balances as low as possible, aiming to use no more than 30 percent of your available credit. And pay off as much as you can each month since higher balances can sink your score.
  • Review your credit report at least annually, and keep an eye out for mistakes and identity theft.
Always here for you and any of your friends or family - Open Hearts. Open Doors. Welcome Home.
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Jan. 14, 2017

New Keiper Fredlund Team Listing

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Jan. 14, 2017

Make 2017 the Year of Organization - Clear the Clutter

The new year represents a clean slate and the chance to begin again. It's also the ideal time to clear out unwanted items and organize your home for the year ahead. If you want a fresh start to 2017, let these decluttering approaches inspire you.

Organizational Apps
Decluttering apps are plentiful, and they provide an effective way to complete the purging process. Some, like Snupps, let you digitize your belongings and organize them into simple categories or "shelves." From there, you decide what to keep, sell or give away. You can also reach out to other users for organizational inspiration, discover items you may be interested in acquiring or show off your personal collection.

Room-by-Room Schedule
To systematically remove clutter over time, try monthly organization that's broken down by room. For example, you can tackle the kitchen in January and give the home office a deep clean in February. Make a schedule that works for you. This method may feel less overwhelming and rushed.

Single Purge 
Prefer to declutter your entire home all at once? Designate a few days or a weekend to devote to the process. The secret is to stay focused on one task at a time and avoid getting sidetracked. Work your way through each room one by one until you've cleared out all areas of your home.

The new year is fast approaching and now's the time to eliminate your clutter. Whether it's an app, a 12-month schedule or one big purge, there's no shortage of methods to help you have a more organized 2017.

Always here for you and any of your friends or family - Open Hearts. Open Doors. Welcome Home.
The Keiper Fredlund Team
Realtors, CRB, ABR, SRES | Life Changes Realty Group
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9117 Elizabethtown Road Elizabethtown PA 17022 
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Dec. 23, 2016

The Keiper Fredlund Team Christmas Blessings


Dear Friends and Family,

With the arrival of the holiday season, hustle and bustle have been sure to follow. Despite the whirlwind, we are happy to pause and reflect on all the blessings of the past year. With every closed deal, another client joins the Life Changes Realty Group family. Keeping up our client-first focus, we are excited to announce growth of the Keiper Fredlund Team in 2016 in a number of ways:
1. We have been blessed by the addition of new team members. These two couldn't match our mission and values more. We are excited to welcome:
Sarah Conville | Realtor
Andy Steiner | Realtor
Sarah grew up loving the rolling hillsides of Mount Gretna, PA. Upon entering college, Sarah took a real estate course as an elective and loved it! After graduating, she decided to pursue her Real Estate career. Since January 2007, she has been a licensed Realtor and currently resides in her hometown of Mount Gretna. Sarah takes pride in how hard she is willing to fight for her clients to get the job done. She has always striven to put her client’s needs first and to make the transition of moving as smooth as possible. Sarah recalls a tough start in the business. Despite the negative side to the 2008 economic crash, Sarah believes that trying season was one of the greatest assets to becoming a skilled Realtor. Because of the numerous obstacles Sarah has faced and conquered, she is fully equipped to serve all her clients well.
A Lebanon county native, Andy was taught at an early age the importance of loving people. He recounts many snowy winters that he and his dad would walk down their street shoveling off the porches of the elderly in the neighborhood. Through college, Andy continued to minister to others. From organizing community events to participating in a prison ministry, caring for people became a key part of his life’s mission. Through college and graduate school, he worked several customer service jobs. With each of these jobs, he learned the importance of exceeding people’s expectations. Moving back to Lancaster, he and his wife, Emily, purchased their first home through The Keiper Fredlund Team. Andy knew he wanted to be a part of such a great team; and the rest is history. He looks forward to continuing such great customer service.
2. We have been blessed by the opening of our new Hershey Branch Office.
On October 28th, Life Changes Realty Group expanded its impact and care through our new Hershey branch office. Located at 405 East Chocolate Avenue, overlooking the historical Hershey Plant, this charming office is ready to serve our clients even better. We are also excited to further our relationship with the Penn State Children’s Hospital, located at the Hershey Medical Center, as our team donates to them regularly with our Pay-It-Forward program.
3. We have been blessed by the opportunity to touch lives through our Pay-It-Forward program.
No better way to celebrate a great year than paying it forward to those in need (Children's Miracle Network "Teddy Bear Toss" 2016). A total of 20,662 bears were bagged and shipped to local charities.
The Life Changes Realty Group has donated dozens of hours and over $62,500 this year to a number of great charities and causes. Each team member loves being able to give back to their communities and will continue to do so with each home purchased and sold through our brokerage.

4. Most of all, we have been blessed by our Life Changes Realty Group family.

This year wouldn’t have been possible without the faithful support of those around us. Our clients, family, and friends can all attest that great things have happened in 2016; and with your help, we are ready to do it again in 2017.

Don’t forget we are only a phone call, text, or email away. Please refer your friends and family to us; and l
et’s make this the best year yet!


The Keiper Fredlund Team
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Dec. 8, 2016

The Keiper Fredlund Team helps CMN with the 2016 Teddy Bear Toss

On Sunday, Dec 4th our team had the fun of doing a group service project at the 2016 Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss. Once the Bears score their first goal in the game, fans in the stands throw teddy bears of all shapes and sizes onto the ice.  It was our job to collect (at lightning speed) the bears off the ice, bag them, dump them, sort them, and rebag. The number of bears collected was 20,662 - trust us, that is a LOT of bears. The Bears go to multiple organization for giving to kids in the hospital and at holiday parties.  The insanely large bears were collected by the National Guard for their distribution to kids in need. We were invited to participate in this service project because our clients direct many of our Pay it Forward celebration donations to Children's Miracle Network and Four Diamonds.  We were proud to be there and help!



And the really cool additional PAY IT FORWARD from the Teddy Toss Event - a local Susquehanna Valley person matched a dollar per bear donation to Children's Miracle Network for each Teddy Tossed. That's $20,662!!!!

Watch Here - Local Man Gives $1 for each Teddy Tossed

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Oct. 26, 2016

Bathroom Renovations - the Latest Trends

BathroomsAccording to a recent Houzz & Home survey, homeowners are investing more on bathroom renovations than in previous years, largely due to outdated designs and finishes. What types of upgrades are they spending money on? Here are some of the latest trends and tech updates being used in bathroom design.

Aesthetic Additions
You don't have to tackle a full overhaul to make a big impact in the bathroom. Smaller changes can often bring big rewards, both from a resale perspective and by adding value to your daily experience.

Cosmetic favorites, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association's 2016 bathroom trends, include polished chrome finishes and neutral colors like white and gray. And bathrooms are becoming more streamlined with floating vanities, open shelving and undermount sinks. When larger changes are made, homeowners are incorporating amenities such as no-threshold showers and higher vanity heights that allow for aging in place.

Tech Touches
When you consider updating the appliances in your home, you may automatically think of doing so in the kitchen, living area or laundry room. Many, however, are quickly adopting technological advances in pursuit of the smart bathroom. Some of the more popular add-ons available include:

  • High-tech toilets: The most basic bathroom appliance now has seat-warming options, LED lights, motion sensors and automatic dryers.
  • Accessorized soaking tubs: You can take a basic bath, or you can soak in a chromotherapy tub with mood-enhanced lighting. Or enjoy an air bath, with massaging bubbles similar to a hot spring.
  • Digital faucets and showers: Along with reduced flow, which conserves water and money, faucet features also include touchless technology and programmable settings like a timed shower option.

Which market trends and tech updates appeal most to your family? When done well, these upgrades can improve your quality of life and increase the value of your home.

Always here for you and any of your friends or family - Open Hearts. Open Doors. Welcome Home.
The Keiper Fredlund Team
Realtors, CRB, ABR, SRES | Life Changes Realty Group
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9117 Elizabethtown Road Elizabethtown PA 17022
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Sept. 27, 2016

New Keiper Fredlund Team Listing

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Sept. 27, 2016

Lititz Chocolate Walk



Lititz Chocolate Walk is like trick or treating for all ages!


Each year on the Saturday before Columbus Day, chocoholics converge on Lititz, Pennsylvania for a day of chocolate bliss! With more than 25 locations, participants tour the shops in downtown Lititz in search of mouth-watering chocolate treats. With samples donated from some of the region’s top chefs, bakers, ice cream shops and candy makers, Lititz Chocolate Walkers literally eat their way across town! All the money raised from ticket sales goes to support children-focused charities in the Lancaster County region.


In the first 13 years, the Lititz Chocolate Walk has raised over $350,000 in support of these charities. It is through the generosity of our sponsors and chocolate artists, along with a combined total of about 20,000 chocolate walkers, that this has been accomplished.


Over the years, Lititz Chocolate Walkers have traveled from across the USA to partake in this unique chocolate festival. Friends and families gather together to do the walk, buses come from other states packed with anxious chocoholics and local chocolate lovers wait anxiously to experience the joy of Lititz at its finest. Some groups even create their own tee-shirts for the Walk and you can see them moving together from stop-to-stop.


Someone many years ago created the phrase, “Trick or treating for adults” as a way to describe the Lititz Chocolate Walk (although all ages are welcome). Each stop has their own treat but there are no tricks to this day; instead, simply a pleasant stroll around our quaint town, enjoying chocolate from local artisans. **Please note** Many locations are not accessible for our friends with disabilities

Learn more about the Chocolate Walk


About Kiwanis Club




Ready to change the world? Kiwanis is ready for you!


Kiwanis clubs, located in 80 nations, help their communities in countless ways. Each community’s needs are different—so each Kiwanis club is different. By working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. When you give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, great things happen.


Service is at the heart of every Kiwanis club. But, Kiwanis members don’t just do service—they have fun. Members make new friends by being part of a club where they attend meetings and participate in social events. Kiwanis clubs also provide excellent networking opportunities for professionals. Members meet new people from all over their region and the world through service projects, fundraising and by attending district and international conventions.

Join Kiwanis Today!

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Sept. 26, 2016

Create a Cozy Home for Fall

Posted in DIY
Sept. 23, 2016

Adding Privacy to Your Yard

A yard or patio is the perfect spot for enjoying the outdoors, whether that means playtime with your kids or quiet relaxation after a long day. And while you may like your neighbors, you may not want to see and hear them every time you venture into your backyard. If more privacy interests you, consider these options below:

Fencing -- Probably the most straightforward solution, fences have long been the go-to for homeowners seeking seclusion. Be sure to check city ordinances and HOA policies before installing one.

Hedges -- Shrubs like boxwood and privet are commonly planted along property lines. Choose an evergreen variety for year-long privacy. Make sure it's suited for your climate and matures to your desired height.

Screens -- Stylish and effective, folding wood-panel screens add a nice visual element while blocking unwanted views. Opt for a weather-resistant screen designed for the outdoors.

Trellis -- The lattice configurations on these simple wooden structures offer an element of privacy. They're also a perfect host for climbing vines and plants if you'd like additional coverage. Just be sure to check the sunlight and care requirements for the vegetation you plant.

Pergola -- A pergola helps block views from second-story windows and balconies. It can be as simple or intricate as you'd like and will offer a degree of shade along with privacy.

Drapes -- Budget-friendly and chic, panels help screen off your patio and can be moved as desired. Make sure the fabric is suitable for outdoor use or spray it with a water-resistant coating.

Vertical Garden -- If you're looking to increase privacy and also want to grow your own herbs, consider a living wall. You can buy prefabricated tower planters for easy installation.

If neighborly noise is a problem, a water fountain is a relaxing, sound-muffling solution. Consider your outdoor space and choose the privacy-adding options that work for you.

Always here for you and any of your friends or family - Open Hearts. Open Doors. Welcome Home.
The Keiper Fredlund Team
Realtors, CRB, ABR, SRES | Life Changes Realty Group


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